Welcome to ABsoulte-Tuning

Welcome to ABsolute Tuning. We are a premiere mobile engine remapping company based on the south coast. With greater demands on todays Turbocharged Petrol and Diesel engines for work & pleasure, we've seen a huge increase in diesel car & van ownership. Increased ownership has led a growing demand to increase the drivability of these vehicles & to open up their performance potential. Many see the modern production of turbocharged petrol and diesels as the future of road car tuning. These engines offer fantastic potential for reliable affordable tuning without removing any of the appeal of buying and running a turbo petrol and diesel powered vehicle, such as economy, reliability and longevity. ABsolute Tuning will create a bespoke remap tailored to your specific requirements whether it's a road/race driving or work/leisure towing. After your ABsolute engine remap you'll get : - Increased horsepower - Increased torque - Better towing capabilities - Better throttle response - Smoother power delivery - Improved long term fuel economy - Safer overtaking Contact us today & book a remap session with one of our highly knowledgable remap technicians.